Whirlwind Days

I cannot believe that I am finally getting around to updating you all. The past couple of days have been a whirlwind. Hannah started showing a small amount of visible blood in her urine on Sunday, and it only worsened on Monday. After the Hem/Onc floor got involved….all of her other specialists did as well, in order to find the source. Hannah’s hemoglobin was also lower today, making everyone eager to solve this ‘mystery’.

She has had numerous ultrasounds along with urine and blood labs. They worried about her Lovenox and post-surgical complications. As you can imagine, each specialist was looking for complications within their field and ordering their own individual tests. It has been a time where the labs and tests happen somewhat fast, but the results come slow.

As of this evening….her viral and infection tests are negative. Her ultrasounds look beautiful and there is no evidence of bleeding, PLUS her kidney looks amazing post-first surgery. We just got the chest X-ray results and they look like they are continuously improving from surgery. After all of the tests were completed, the blood in the urine seems less this afternoon…..ugh!

So, what does that mean….this may be a side effect of chemo, radiation and/or Lovenox? Ugh!!! Sometimes no answer is frightening/frustrating but that is all I can get.

Conclusion….we are lessening her Lovenox to a maintenance dose. She will begin her chemo regime tomorrow. She is getting two units of blood this evening. We will continue to monitor the urine and make sure it improves and doesn’t worsen.

On an aside, Hannah is also reacting to her pain meds with a rash, so we are also playing detective to see what we can do.

When Hannah relapsed in December, I told her we have two choices….fight this cancer short and easy and have it come back OR long and hard and beat Cancer once and for all…..Hannah chose long and hard. I believe it has taken me until right now to realize that we are in the hard part of this long journey. Things are not going to come easy, but at least we are still fighting!

With love,
The Harger Girls

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