Prayer Wall

There will be many specific Prayer Requests over time. Please check back often to see what is going on and what requests there are.

No Evidence of Disease and Next Steps!

First I want to thank everyone’s patience as I process this day. Two things were discussed today that were HUGE….her CT scan, ultrasound and blood work results AND the next step. Praise – Hannah’s scans are clear with No Evidence of Disease! As much as we celebrate this win, the next step is not so…
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Long Update… Time to Lift Her Spirits

Good evening from Arnold Palmer hospital! Hannah completed her third of five rounds of chemo for this admission and for all intents and purposes she is handling things incredibly! This is a bigger update, so feel free to ignore if it is too much. Many of you continue to ask how you can help and…
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Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jig

Hannah update – it’s amazing how at the end of a hospital stay you are so focused on getting discharged, you can not think straight. You do not realize that despite the constant distractions during the stay, you also have the continuous support and comfort that comes with every worry. Today, I find myself so…
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Whirlwind Days

I cannot believe that I am finally getting around to updating you all. The past couple of days have been a whirlwind. Hannah started showing a small amount of visible blood in her urine on Sunday, and it only worsened on Monday. After the Hem/Onc floor got involved….all of her other specialists did as well,…
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On to Oncology

Hannah made it to Hem/Onc, but not without giving the doctors another reason to worry. Hannah has large amounts of bleeding when she goes potty that began yesterday. The cause remains to be found; although, there are several different theories that will be tested today and every specialist is actively participating in finding the cause.…
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Praying for Relief

Hannah update – What a day! Hannah had her chest tube taken out because her lungs remained stable. Unfortunately, we all anticipated that her pain would vastly improve after the removal, but we did not fully take into consideration the whole picture. Hannah has roughly a ten-inch incision that extends from under her right arm…
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