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Prayer Wall

There will be many specific Prayer Requests over time. Please check back often to see what is going on and what requests there are.

Bob is Gone…And That is Great!!!

Bob is the name of Hannah’s port. On April 19th the doctors were able to successfully remove Bob so that Hannah can now start living life as a normal preteen would. This is HUGE. This is a sign of how sure the doctors are this thing is behind her. Since then, Hannah has been in…
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It is Back; Kind of… The Waiting Game We Face

I am so sorry for the delay in this update. I find myself struggling with how much or a merry-go-round this process creates. I am also struggling to find a balance between asking for prayers as soon as I need them, and then getting told results or information that is the polar opposite. With all…
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More Testing and Hopefully Still Cancer Free

Here we go again….It is very hard to believe that we are already through seven weeks and it is time for scans again. This Friday, October 19th, at 9 am, Hannah will be sedated for an MRI from neck to pelvis. It has been ten months since her third diagnosis….your prayers have helped us through…
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Long Update

I find myself constantly amazed by the way God orchestrates our lives…I know he is in control but yet I find myself dumbfounded every time he shows himself to me. So, as I write this post I smile, loving that I am constantly reminded that I am not alone. It seems fitting that a lab…
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Hannah September Update

First let me say thank you for all the prayers and secondly I would just like to share two major obstacles I have learned to face…the first, I am not in control of Hannah’s health….it is not going to become better or worse by my angst, my fear or my obsessive compulsions. The second, my…
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No Evidence of Disease and Next Steps!

First I want to thank everyone’s patience as I process this day. Two things were discussed today that were HUGE….her CT scan, ultrasound and blood work results AND the next step. Praise – Hannah’s scans are clear with No Evidence of Disease! As much as we celebrate this win, the next step is not so…
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