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Only 2 more Admissions Left

We now are a full day home. It is such a blessing to feel our own sheets and be surrounded by our home and friends. On a sad note, Hannah symptoms are coming quicker and harder. Pain that she would normally feel in a week, has already started and at a ten. Her hemoglobin that would normally remain stable until next week has already begun to plummet. I am thankful that our team is on top of things and plans are in place.

Hannah will be back in the hospital for a blood transfusion on Monday and hopefully we will meet with her pain management team to help comfort her at home more.

This journey as a Mom is quite challenging and painful on another level. The very medicine treating/saving Hannah is causing her to cry with discomfort and yet there is so little I can do. As moms, it’s our job to help our babies and this is a battle that I can offer very little relief. Nothing harder!

We will keep everyone posted on our progress as it occurs. For now, can you please play for the next nine weeks…..that is the length of time that the latest chemo and the upcoming two cycles will be causing her this pain. Please pray for her strength, understanding and peace!

Here are some pictures from her visitors during admission….Many visitors were not photographed but always appreciated!

Hannah is in so much pain that she does not want me out of sight, so we compromised and she joined me in the garden… did Jax! Praising God for the amazing team that is coming together to make this backyard a place for Hannah to rest! Here’s a sneak peak! Much more work to complete but complete enough to get her outside!

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  1. Julya on May 4, 2018 at 10:22 am

    I will say a prayer for Hannah today. May God be on your side and help her look forward to healthier and happier day. God Bless you both and give strength to you both.

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