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No Evidence of Disease and Next Steps!

First I want to thank everyone’s patience as I process this day. Two things were discussed today that were HUGE….her CT scan, ultrasound and blood work results AND the next step.

Praise – Hannah’s scans are clear with No Evidence of Disease!

As much as we celebrate this win, the next step is not so comfortable and convincing. Unfortunately, we are at an impasse. There is no good way to take the next step. Any way chosen has monumental RISKS and subsequently equal rewards.

The decision is between…..

1. Going all in NOW and pulling this 1/3 of a remaining kidney out with a risk of metastatic recurrence with limited chemo options. Thus a two-year dialysis plan chemo-free before transplant and an even trickier juggle between dialysis and chemo.


2. Waiting……
Waiting for potential metastatic recurrence or another life-threatening tumor on her kidney to pop up overnight and surgery possibly not an option or another life-threatening surgery. This option would also put her on dialysis if it involves her kidney with limited chemo options left. Again, same dialysis plan above.


3. The option I ask prayers for…..
The chemotherapy, radiation and surgical interventions over the past 6 months and ultimately ten years have stood up to this vicious disease and will allow for nature to take its course…..ultimately ending in transplant, but with less time on dialysis if at all.

No options a child or her mother should ever here. However, specialists are being called in across the country with hopes of a decision by the middle of next week.

Please pray for our medical team and our emotional, physical and financial endurance as we navigate through a haystack looking for a needle!

Hannah’s mom

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