Long Update… Time to Lift Her Spirits

Good evening from Arnold Palmer hospital! Hannah completed her third of five rounds of chemo for this admission and for all intents and purposes she is handling things incredibly!

This is a bigger update, so feel free to ignore if it is too much. Many of you continue to ask how you can help and as we move through this journey, more opportunities are arriving…..please read below.

This visit has proven to be somewhat flawless for Hannah; however, for me….it has become the pivotal emotional turning point. Every fear, every worry, every emotion that I have been feeling for nine years has reached a monumental high! It took me awhile to realize “WHY NOW?” Well, I know….this diagnosis and treatment is not only new to Hannah, it is new, period, no other child has had it or has her cancer the way that hers has grown. It is new to oncologist and nephrologists as they have never seen Hannah’s presentation EVER. I can not even begin to describe the fear that comes along with the knowledge that your medical team has no concrete evidence on how to fix your child.

What I do know…..when I approached Hannah’s oncologist, he said that EVERYONE is on her case and that he is personally doing/giving/handling Hannah’s medical anomaly EXACTLY the way he would any family member of his own. How blessed to be personally told those words of encouragement.

I found myself pressing for more and more answers until he said to me that every day we face, could lead us down a different path, so trying to obtain answers on an ever-changing condition will not only exhaust me, it will burn me out as a mom. That is one thing, I can not allow.

He did offer some suggestions…..get this girl out there playing with friends and having some fun, because her success rate at beating this battle is directly related to her positive attitude! For the first time ever, he said screw the consequences (exposure to germs).

So, over the course of the next week, I am going to try to schedule some fun getaways where we can do her homework outside of a hospital or off of a home couch in a “clean and safe” environment. Thank you for all of your offers, I will be responding tomorrow and scheduling what I can!

Next, I NEED YOUR HELP……playdates are needed and being prescribed by her doctor. From outdoor activities to things that can somewhat be germ controlled (without becoming neurotic), to anything that will make this child feel normal, is just as important as the chemo running through her body. So if you and your little ones have time for manicures and pedicures, movies, picnics, fishing, theme parks, dinners out, pottery painting or other creative ideas with Hannah’s friends, family, etc….please text me to schedule something. 407-401-0330.

Finally, I need to make our house a place that is safe and fun again on the outside. Between two hurricanes and two fights with cancer, I have let Hannah’s favorite part of her house go. Should you have talents, connections or can offer discounts to help me get my grass and seated fire pit area functional, PLEASE HELP. Again, feel free to text at 407.401.0330. I HAVE A FULL IRRIGATION SYSTEM AND I CAN DO AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE MYSELF. HANNAH JUST CAN NOT BE OUTSIDE DURING THE HEAT OF THE DAY. Hannah loves to sit in the grass in the morning and in the night, and right now we have weeds and ants.

Last and almost most important….if anyone knows of and could suggest a child psychologist, referrals would be appreciated.

All our love and respect!

The Harger Girls

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