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Hannah update – it’s amazing how at the end of a hospital stay you are so focused on getting discharged, you can not think straight. You do not realize that despite the constant distractions during the stay, you also have the continuous support and comfort that comes with every worry. Today, I find myself so thankful for all members of Hannah’s medical team who not only cared for Hannah but took care of me as well!

This process has been long, intense and exhausting! I love being home but have, for the first time in life, realized just how lonely it is. I miss my chipper, hyper, and non-stop little girl! I HATE that my child or ANY child has their childhood disrupted in order to fight a battle that has no real concrete cure.

Not knowing is the worst! Not knowing when I can work again, not knowing if we will be ok financially, not knowing if this will be the finality of her 9.5-year fight, just not knowing is incredibly frustrating.

Today I pray for the ability to keep my faith strong, to trust in the answers I do not know, strength to keep Hannah’s spirits up and to make her understand that God’s got her!


On a side note…..please check our site for upcoming fundraisers….feeling blessed to have so much love!

Please take a moment to stop by 1000 Degrees Pizza this Friday night, the garage sale with Shelley Scott Nelson all weekend long and Ol’ Barn Junktiques of Geneva Vendors Heart for Hannah Friday and Saturday.

Thank you for loving us!

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