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Wednesday Night Update

Hannah update – Hannah is out of surgery and resting peacefully in the PICU. Did I say peacefully???? Let me rephrase… child is fighting me and asking when does she get to sit in the recliner. This same fight is what has allowed us to go from darkness to light and hope.

What does this mean? She is feisty, sassy and nothing is going to keep her down. Hannah is blowing my mind, exceeding my expectations and fighting like hell to get back to her friends, her life, her normal.

So, surgically, we still have a lot of healing to do and battles to overcome, but I think she has shown everyone today that “SHE’s GOT THIS!”

From the cancer perspective….preliminary results show favorable histology. This means that the course of treatments they have to choose from will be safe for this remaining partial kidney.

The likely course of treatment would more than likely start next week and consist of INPATIENT treatment. Hopefully, the tumor in the lung will be responsive and shrink via the chemo thus allowing us to remove the remainder surgically and then proceed with radiation.

Once we heal from this surgery, our next battle to fight this cancer is slated to take 12-18 months.

I can’t thank you enough for your diligence and persistence in prayer, but as you can see this was a positive day out of what is projected to be a marathon, not a sprint.

As for today, I am signing off. She is resting and that is exactly what this momma needs as well. All my love and gratitude to you all!

Love, HANNAH’s mom

Surgery Update 8:34pmEST

For all my prayer warriors out there…our sweet Forever friend Hannah needs some extra prayer tonight. She is still in surgery to remove the new tumor on her kidney. Multiple surgeons are on the case now and she is having some challenges with bleeding. Please help me pray that the Lord would help these surgeons get this tumor and she won’t be in surgery longer than she has already been in. Totally believing her sweet words tonight, #GodsGotThis. So glad we got to give “airhugs” right before Hannah went to surgery #HopeForHannah #ForeverFriend#BeautifullyComplete