Prayer Requests

Praying for Relief

Hannah update – What a day! Hannah had her chest tube taken out because her lungs remained stable. Unfortunately, we all anticipated that her pain would vastly improve after the removal, but we did not fully take into consideration the whole picture.

Hannah has roughly a ten-inch incision that extends from under her right arm to her back and on top of her scapula to her mid back. The swelling is quite intense and the pain is still hard to control. Her nurse and doctors have been diligently working again for a good balance to control pain, but not have her sedated 24/7. This is much easier said than done!

Until we can control her pain, Hannah will remain in the ICU. Hannah has definitely done her part today to fight through. She has walked twice, been bathed and sat in a chair for over 3 hours.

Please pray for my sweet baby girl!

X-rays This Morning

Good morning from APH – Hannah’s X-ray this morning continued to be stable and even improved! They removed her chest tube just moments ago. #hargerstrong (real strong!!)

Should be heading to Hem/Onc by the end of the shift! Too soon to tell how much relief she will get, as she was appropriately medicated for the procedure and is napping.

Thank you for praying us through these past several days.

Rough Night, Restful Morning

After a rough night, it seems as if we found a decent combination of medications and levels to keep Hannah calm and resting. Her intensivist said today that we will keep her very comfortable until this tube can come out. There is a better medication that helps in chest tube cases, but unfortunately, Hannah is not able to have it because of her compromised kidney issues.

Hannah did have a repeat chest X-ray which showed improvement, so although the tube remains, it is not connected to suction. Should she remain stable and have a clear X-ray at 4 am, it seems that this tube will be coming out in the am.

I got to see a few more smiles today and her little sassy attitude is shining through. I am so thankful for the baby steps we are making!

Updates in the am to follow! Gotta run and take care of the munchkin! 

Fast Update from Overnight

Brief update on Hannah – she is resting and she got a decent amount of rest last night. Last evening, when they resumed suction after finding her pneumothorax, her lung began re-inflating. As the result of this, she began to cough. As you can imagine, a ten plus inch incision would be painful, but now the chest tube and the nerves that were affected (causing severe right arm pain).

It took a much longer time getting her comfortable but when she did, she rested hard but not for as long as she did the two nights prior.

Mom and I are working hard to be encouraging, positive and helpful. It is beyond challenging and honestly emotional and exhausting, but there is no other option!

PRAYING for some relief, but until her tube comes out, I think it is going to be a TOUGH road!


Good News and Bad News

Hannah update – Good and Bad news.

Good news – Hannah did get up and walked a little bit and sat up. Although it hurt her immensely, she powered through and did an incredible job.

Bad news – Hannah has a pneumothorax (leak in her lung) and her chest tube cannot come out yet. Although heartbreaking, I’d rather have it in than taking it out and needing an emergency replacement.

My poor sweet girl. Nothing is coming easy in this battle. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Early Morning Updates

Hannah update – We got through another evening without complication. I must admit, I was not even close to prepared when it comes to the pain level of this surgery. Out of all nine of her surgeries, this one definitely has and is the most painful. I am having to dial back my ‘tough mom’ approach, as this surgery’s recovery will be much longer. Hannah is able to have anything she wants that is liquid, but the pain right now is much to much to handle.

The doctors are rolling in and I will certainly let you know if any of the plans change; however, today’s goal is to get this chest tube out! Please pray specifically for that procedure and for her comfort!


Post Surgery Evening Update

Hannah’s evening update – Today, unfortunately, was a very busy and intense day in the ICU. Fortunately, it was not as the result of our case this time; however, there are many families up here that are going through equal, if not greater, pain than we have and are facing.

Here is the update from her team….

Surgery – They will be testing her tomorrow to make sure that she has no issues breathing while the chest tube is paused. Should she be stable after the test, 4-6 hours later, they will be removing the chest tube.

Nephrology (kidney doctors) – Hannah’s “nugget” of a kidney is still working as if it was whole. The labs that they use to determine its function is PERFECT.

Hematology – We will be restarting her blood thinner this evening to prevent the already improving clot from getting any worse.

Oncology – Provided she is stable we will be resuming her chemo at the start of next week. This round is the chemo that we will be admitted for, so we will be here at APH until it is completed.

Radiation Oncology – We will have a followup the first week of February to discuss further radiation to the site where the lung tumor was removed.

Intensivist (ICU doctors) – They are managing her pain; however, this pain is WORSE than her other surgeries. Her doctors are being very patient, but are still pushing her to breathe deep and get repositioned so not to have any complications.

I believe that gets you all on the same page as us. Tonight, please specifically pray for all of the families that are fighting for their kids in this hospital. Also, please pray that tomorrow, Hannah can have more relief from her pain so that breathing is not as challenging.

Until next time…Night Night Termite-
The Harger Girls.

Surgery in the Morning

Hannah update – We are checked into our room on the hem-onc floor and we are on our way to getting settled. So thankful for friendly faces and nurses that we love to help us get started the RIGHT way!

I spoke to Dr. Miller this evening and we are a GO for surgery in the morning. I was told that we are the second case of the day; which means it will start sooner than 9:40am. (I am guessing closer to 8:30am). Dr. Miller, as always, was confident, encouraging and comforting.

I would be lying if I said that I was “okay”; however, as stated many times before, the individuals at this hospital have become family and I know that they, along with God, will have her back and get her through this next event.

I want to thank you all in advance for taking the time to pray, whether it be tonight, tomorrow, in the past or in the future days. Your prayers are being heard and we can feel them all!

It is time to focus on my girl and make this night as anxiety-free as possible.

Until tomorrow-
Hannah’s mom

Surgery Pre-Op Appointment

On our way to get our surgery info, physical and blood work before being admitted.

Hannah’s appointment went great! She is cleared for surgery from a physical exam standpoint. Labs were drawn and we are awaiting those results. We will be admitted at 5pm tomorrow and surgery is scheduled for 9:40am on Wednesday, January 24th.

Plenty of things to do to get ready and much to pack as this stay could last about ten days.

Please continue to pray and I will provide more details once we reach and get settled in APH!

All our love!!!

New Surgery Next Week

Hannah update – Ladies and Gentleman… Hannah will be undergoing surgery on Wednesday, January 24th to remove the tumor in her right lung. As of right now, I do not have an exact time, but I will inform everyone just as soon as I know. It is time to get this tumor out of my baby! All of her specialists are on board and agree this is the best step. We will postpone her chemo, just slightly until she heals from this surgery and complete it before we will be discharged.

Please join me in prayer tonight, this weekend, next week and on Wednesday!

Although we walk into this surgery not expecting complications, we pray for the surgeons, the staff and all individuals involved in the preparation of my daughter’s surgery.

Please specifically pray for Hannah….the idea of this surgery has affected her more than any other. Pray for her peace, her trust, and her understanding!

All my love,
Hannah’s mom