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Big Update

Hannah is finally feeling the effects of her blood transfusion and was able to enjoy her day. We spent most of it it; as she loves to do, outside. Under shade, but outside.

With that said, Hannah disclosed a dream to a dear friend of mine about a month ago. What I didn’t realize was her dream had far deeper meaning than what she initially disclosed. Hannah dreamed of an outside area/landscaped Fire pit area that she could pray, study, snuggle and exist without needles or doctors!

Hannah, in our private time, also shared to me, that she wanted a place that I could sit and think of her should anything ever happen to her. Although I pray that this is not her time, her thought beyond this moment and to think of me and my ability to grieve and cope is beyond her years!

To my surprise, my dear friend turned this dream into a mission of God! She started a GoFundMe to finance this project and make this small (I think it’s huge) dream into reality.

To my complete amazement, the gofundme grew, and local companies with God-given talents and a community with philanthropic hearts started turning this dream/mission into our reality.

First Green Roots Landscape and Steve, Candice Stanaland and family said a simple YES and began the design and started the donations. Titon construction came in and turned this place upside down and readied this property for this journey. Alliance Pavers quickly stepped in and donated pavers and man power. Ultimate Image (Fred Heldreth) quickly swooped in and offered their irrigation and sod expertise and resources! Frank from said he would build a pergola and finally, Mark Laverty Landscape, said…..’you need plants, I have plants!’ With the money raised and the generous donations thousands of dollars have been donated to us and money has been raised, all of which have exceed my expectations!

Above donations, a work Day was organized that included neighbors, friends and strangers! All to fulfill a dream of an eleven year old cancer warrior.

What people don’t realize is that Hannah opens the doors daily to see progress. What you don’t know is that TODAY Hannah happily assisted, sat and cried about her sooner than later until the dream comes true. What you don’t know, is that Hannah is excited for her upcoming admission to come home to progress in her new space!

What all of you do know is that Hannah and I are in the fight of her life and I AM NOT GIVING UP! To be able to sit under a sun protected pergola or have dinner next to a fire regardless of Florida’s heat, or the responsibility to upkeep a yard that makes my child comfortable to pray and talk to God… priceless! I so love to see and hear of her faith!

Please share, donate below or let me know of anyone willing to help as this is not small, but it is big because the heart behind it is MASSIVE!

In my book, I need a place for her to fight for as long as it takes to get rid of this life-threatening, three time presenting devastating cancer!……/

Hannah’s Dream Escape

Please read and help if you can!

Hannah loves more than anything sitting outside by the fire pit to read, have devotionals and just to talk. With so many battles and every cent is used to make ends meet plus two hurricanes, Liz has had to let her yard go and Hannah’s once sacred area is beyond trashed. Hannah is restricted on her options when they are in between chemo and admissions due to her immune system being compromised. Having an escape where she can rest and get a little fresh air is the only thing that Hannah keeps asking about.
Grass Roots Outdoors, LLC, first place winner of pavers design, landscape and custom pergola design at the Home and Garden show as well as an appearance on HGTVs Tiny homes has been generous to take this wonderful opportunity and help Hannah and Liz with a dream yard BUT they need your help!

Here is a list of items that are needed to make Hannah’s yard a true escape and a place that she can’t wait to come home to from her treatments, surgeries, and admissions.

500 sq ft Harvest Blend pavers
Fire pit with gas line and permit
Retaining wall with bench seating
Artificial turf one piece of 15×45
Pergola – cedar with stain
Outdoor ceiling fan
Tangerine tree
10 trees for fence line
Medium to large fountain
River Jack rock 3qt inch – 1 1/2 inch from pebble junction. 10 tons
Teal wood bench
6 pallets of Seville sod
About 11 yards of cement for a new driveway
Gift cards (visa, Lukas nursery, pebble junction)

Skilled labor
Sod installers
Artificial turf installers
Pavers and retaining wall builders
Concrete removal and finisher
Tree removal – large oak tree with stump grinding
Landscapers to install rock, trees, plants, and flowers

If you don’t see anything that you can help with I also started a GoFund me page.
Hannah’s dream escape

Thank you again for joining me and helping Hannah’s dreams come true!
Elizabeth Harger Candace Stanaland

Hannah Update

Hannah update – All potential getaways or fun outdoor activities are on hold…..We just got the call and we begin Hannah’s proton/radiation treatment tomorrow which is every day for 13-20 treatments. While on this treatment, we must avoid UV rays and it will make her even more tired than normal.

Ugh! We were so close to a getaway! We are landlocked starting tomorrow until March 15th to potentially March 26th.

This is a new treatment to hopefully assure that there is nothing microscopic going on in Hannah’s lungs! Praying to eliminate any cancer cells in that portion of her body!

Hannah needs your help!!!! We have been blessed to have Grass Roots Outdoors, LLC take the lead on revamping our yard. The designing part is the easiest, but the manpower, the supplies, the plants and other donations will be needed to make Hannah her own dream escape. If you have the time, the resources, or any talents that you can offer to this dream please email Lisa at

Trying to give this warrior of mine the prettiest safe place to come home to! Thank you in advance! For more information on this project click here!

A Christmas Miracle!

As I write this update, tears are pouring down my face. Three weeks ago we were admitted for another cancer recurrence and told to plan to stay in the hospital until the middle of January. 17 days ago, surgeons were telling me to prepare for the worst and that getting through the evening would be a challenge. 15 days ago, an almost fatal surgery was able to be completed. 13 days ago, Hannah was extubated and talking to me. 9 days ago we found a 12.4 cm blood clot and the plan was an emergency Cath procedure but it changed to a plan that included Heparin. The plan for the next 7 days was monitoring and adjusting meds and starting her chemo. Two days ago we started radiation and 36 hours ago we started Lovenox a medicine that down the road could allow her to go home.

Today, I have been told that anything they can do in the hospital, can be done from home!!! As of four hours ago, the wheels are turning as HANNAH IS GOING HOME! Home health care has to be established in order for me to manage her injections and PICC line outpatient, which could take until tomorrow but we will be home for Christmas and her Birthday!

Prayers, faith, and love work! They have lifted this child up and carried her through the unthinkable and made them possible!

What this means for us… would be amazing in some sort of organized fashion. I will follow the suggestion of a dear friend from last year and will have a cooler placed at my door for deliveries, as my house will have to remain somewhat sterile.

For all of you that planned on delivering gifts, feel free to PM me for my address.

Please understand that Hannah is beyond weak and facing symptoms that make her throw up, and just want to rest and germs are still our biggest danger. As she gets her strength back, I can coordinate visits but at this time, gifts can only be dropped off at our door.

Thank you for helping me make this Christmas and her birthday special as I have not had a second to do anything for her!

Hannah still has the fight if her life ahead as she has not even begun the intense chemo or radiation. We will be admitted back to the hospital on January 2nd for a week. Also, I am reminded almost daily of the repercussions of the treatment she is on and that this is leading to the loss of her remaining kidney.

Please bear with me as we transition to home and try to figure out how to get what we need there, like food and supplies.

To Get on the list to bring us food you can do so here:

Take them a Meal

I will post again when I can!

You all have meant the world to me and above anything…I am asking for continued prayers throughout this journey! We have a long way to go!

Here is a before (with the bandana), during and a heck of a lot better glimpse of this journey.



Hannah’s Cards

Hannah loves cards! They are a great distraction in the hospital and at home! Please consider doing this!!!

Answers to Many Questions

Good evening to all of Hannah’s prayer warriors. Hannah had a great day after we managed her nausea this morning. From a sponge bath to a field trip to see the Christmas Tree at Winnie Palmer, overall, it was AMAZING!

I just wanted to take the time this evening to answer some of the questions I have been receiving lately. I figure I will answer any question that I have heard multiple times, so to eliminate any others curiosity.

One of the first questions that I hear a lot is how am I? Well, that is best answered by saying it depends on the time of day/night. I have been through fear, anger, worry, astonishment, hate, gratefulness, blessed, touched and loved. All I think are justified but tend to come in waves.


THEN, if you are wanting to do more, the truth is, I struggle with this answer, but here are the facts. The chemo/radiation journey will last into June/July 2018. At that time, it is possible that a transplant would be our next step. Financially, I am not sure what I will be able to do in the way of work, but I have not lost hope; however, here it is….. If radiation is 6 weeks for her lung, and 12 weeks for her abdomen, tolls driving to and from those appointments will cost 650.00, not to mention gas.

Should we have to stay for the next 4 – 12 weeks in the hospital with 6 other week stays for her treatment….food alone, for me will be over $1050.00 and up to $1700.00.

I don’t expect anyone to cover anything, but to say these simple facts justify a great need for visa, master card, gas card and food gift cards or donations to the following sites…

#3. What does Hannah want for Christmas/birthday…

Here is a wish list she made on Amazon. Hannah’s Wish List

This might help give some ideas. As for Hannah’s sizes, they may fluctuate with her chemo but here they are. Hannah is 5’3″, size 9.5-10 adult shoe. She wears size 14/16 (mainly because of height) in youth or small in adult.

#4. Can you visit…..

The hardest position to be in is the one I am facing right now…Hannah and I would love to see you all and be lifted up continuously by each and every one of you. The reality is, we are only 10 days out from a near-fatal surgery and we are on day one of chemo regimen that will strip Hannah of all her infection-fighting ability. With this being said. Please PM or text me for times that are okay to visit.

Please keep in mind that any exposure to a cough, fever, virus or infection can ultimately be life-threatening.

I will be needing some help in the upcoming weeks as my mom leaves Monday and would love to be able to reach out to some individuals to sit with Hannah while I run errands if need be, or just some adult conversation while she rests.

I will say, that Hannah only has the ability to last about a 10-minute visit and should she be feeling sick, HATES people to see her like this.

I am so thankful for the donations, the gifts, the prayers. I will NEVER be able to thank you all personally, but believe me….every one of you has made a huge impact and difference in our lives.

All our love,
The Harger Girls – Hannah and Elizabeth Harger