Big Update

Hannah is finally feeling the effects of her blood transfusion and was able to enjoy her day. We spent most of it it; as she loves to do, outside. Under shade, but outside.

With that said, Hannah disclosed a dream to a dear friend of mine about a month ago. What I didn’t realize was her dream had far deeper meaning than what she initially disclosed. Hannah dreamed of an outside area/landscaped Fire pit area that she could pray, study, snuggle and exist without needles or doctors!

Hannah, in our private time, also shared to me, that she wanted a place that I could sit and think of her should anything ever happen to her. Although I pray that this is not her time, her thought beyond this moment and to think of me and my ability to grieve and cope is beyond her years!

To my surprise, my dear friend turned this dream into a mission of God! She started a GoFundMe to finance this project and make this small (I think it’s huge) dream into reality.

To my complete amazement, the gofundme grew, and local companies with God-given talents and a community with philanthropic hearts started turning this dream/mission into our reality.

First Green Roots Landscape and Steve, Candice Stanaland and family said a simple YES and began the design and started the donations. Titon construction came in and turned this place upside down and readied this property for this journey. Alliance Pavers quickly stepped in and donated pavers and man power. Ultimate Image (Fred Heldreth) quickly swooped in and offered their irrigation and sod expertise and resources! Frank from said he would build a pergola and finally, Mark Laverty Landscape, said…..’you need plants, I have plants!’ With the money raised and the generous donations thousands of dollars have been donated to us and money has been raised, all of which have exceed my expectations!

Above donations, a work Day was organized that included neighbors, friends and strangers! All to fulfill a dream of an eleven year old cancer warrior.

What people don’t realize is that Hannah opens the doors daily to see progress. What you don’t know is that TODAY Hannah happily assisted, sat and cried about her sooner than later until the dream comes true. What you don’t know, is that Hannah is excited for her upcoming admission to come home to progress in her new space!

What all of you do know is that Hannah and I are in the fight of her life and I AM NOT GIVING UP! To be able to sit under a sun protected pergola or have dinner next to a fire regardless of Florida’s heat, or the responsibility to upkeep a yard that makes my child comfortable to pray and talk to God…..is priceless! I so love to see and hear of her faith!

Please share, donate below or let me know of anyone willing to help as this is not small, but it is big because the heart behind it is MASSIVE!

In my book, I need a place for her to fight for as long as it takes to get rid of this life-threatening, three time presenting devastating cancer!




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