A Christmas Miracle!

As I write this update, tears are pouring down my face. Three weeks ago we were admitted for another cancer recurrence and told to plan to stay in the hospital until the middle of January. 17 days ago, surgeons were telling me to prepare for the worst and that getting through the evening would be a challenge. 15 days ago, an almost fatal surgery was able to be completed. 13 days ago, Hannah was extubated and talking to me. 9 days ago we found a 12.4 cm blood clot and the plan was an emergency Cath procedure but it changed to a plan that included Heparin. The plan for the next 7 days was monitoring and adjusting meds and starting her chemo. Two days ago we started radiation and 36 hours ago we started Lovenox a medicine that down the road could allow her to go home.

Today, I have been told that anything they can do in the hospital, can be done from home!!! As of four hours ago, the wheels are turning as HANNAH IS GOING HOME! Home health care has to be established in order for me to manage her injections and PICC line outpatient, which could take until tomorrow but we will be home for Christmas and her Birthday!

Prayers, faith, and love work! They have lifted this child up and carried her through the unthinkable and made them possible!

What this means for us…..food would be amazing in some sort of organized fashion. I will follow the suggestion of a dear friend from last year and will have a cooler placed at my door for deliveries, as my house will have to remain somewhat sterile.

For all of you that planned on delivering gifts, feel free to PM me for my address.

Please understand that Hannah is beyond weak and facing symptoms that make her throw up, and just want to rest and germs are still our biggest danger. As she gets her strength back, I can coordinate visits but at this time, gifts can only be dropped off at our door.

Thank you for helping me make this Christmas and her birthday special as I have not had a second to do anything for her!

Hannah still has the fight if her life ahead as she has not even begun the intense chemo or radiation. We will be admitted back to the hospital on January 2nd for a week. Also, I am reminded almost daily of the repercussions of the treatment she is on and that this is leading to the loss of her remaining kidney.

Please bear with me as we transition to home and try to figure out how to get what we need there, like food and supplies.

To Get on the list to bring us food you can do so here:

Take them a Meal

I will post again when I can!

You all have meant the world to me and above anything…I am asking for continued prayers throughout this journey! We have a long way to go!

Here is a before (with the bandana), during and a heck of a lot better glimpse of this journey.



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  1. Tezmon Williams on December 21, 2017 at 9:30 pm

    So excited you can go home 🏡

  2. Emily Vargas on December 22, 2017 at 12:06 pm

    Praise God, that is wonderful news! It’s awesome to see that beautiful girl with a smile and her Starbucks!

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